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Who Are We?

We are Michelle, Miguel & Gina, three need greaters in Nicaragua just trying to support ourselves in our ministry. In 2012, Gina & Michelle started making fun cloth Bible Covers as a hobby. In 2013 we started working with leather and we made bible covers for ourselves. Everyone loved them and the workmanship so much, that we started making them for friends, family, visitors..... and eventually the word got out. We now employ a few other Jehovah's Witnesses who assist us in our small leather business, filling orders, quality control, & shipping. Some other need-greater friends in Nicaragua have also started selling handmade goods to support themselves. We have also added a number of these items to our online store, so we're all helping each other. We are so grateful for the positive response and support from friends all over the world. We truly hope that you enjoy your purchase!