Central America

Nicaragua Life

Michelle Wed, 04/18/2007 - 19:39

Wow, After all this time. All this planning, i can't believe we actually accomplished this! It's really pretty amazing! We arrived safely into San Jose, Costa Rica and our friend Dan arranged for us to have a place to stay with some friends in the english congregation down there. The past week getting ready to leave had been very exhausting so we just spent a day trying to relax and recover and it was welcome! Costa Rica is so beautiful! Around 12:30 we decided to walk to a nearby mall to get some lunch. It was a bit of a walk ( and our first day completely without transportation!

Bye Bye John & Jeanna, Hello Mike & Jared

Michelle Wed, 11/15/2006 - 13:14

The time has come to say goodbye to John and Jeanna. Wahhh! We had such a great time with them. They really changed the dynamics of this trip. I hope they enjoyed coming as much as we enjoyed having them! We brought them up to the airport in Managua and said our goodbyes... then we waited for Mike’s plane to arrive. It took quite a while but after they were sent off and Mike landed we jumped in a bus heading back to Granada to meet Jared. It was so nice to see him again! We got the scoop on Las Salinas (the town where he lives) and Granada.


Michelle Thu, 10/19/2006 - 14:03

So far so good! Granada is really pretty. Very colonial city, and as far as I can tell they’ve got plenty of conveniences. The only annoying thing so far is that occasionally the electricity goes out for no apparent reason. Everyone has generators to keep their business going and as soon as the lights flicker you hear all those engines start up.

Attack of the Killer Ants

Michelle Tue, 10/17/2006 - 13:42

This morning set off for the volcano Arenal.... again. I've got this monster green backpack that is SO heavy. John keeps making fun of me.... I really didn't pack that much stuff but it seems like I did because the backpack is just so heavy. Fortunately it's a lot easier to carry when it's on and when you're standing straight up... but in your arms, it's a ton. So I'm lugging this thing around, but its ok. I've got a handle on it! We pile into the Land Cruiser and Nathan brings us to the bus stop and where we needed to wait for the right bus to take us up to Tilaran.

Special Assembly Day - Costa Rica English

Michelle Mon, 10/16/2006 - 16:52

The special assembly day was so nice! We got to meet brothers from the english congregations and groups all over Costa Rica. It was very similar to Mexico's english assemblies in that there is this apparent zeal and excitement for the ministry. Everyone there has a specific goal in mind and they're all just so eager to accomplish their ministry.

It was a very encouraging assembly and we had a speaker from the Costa Rica Bethel branch. A brother named Will Teasdale gave some really GREAT talks. When John, Jeanna, Paola and I left the assembly, we were totally pumped up!

Boquete, Panama

Michelle Fri, 10/13/2006 - 14:28

Ok, so let me tell you a little about our time in Boquete! A missionary couple, David and Julie Reynolds from Sacramento, CA have been serving in Panama for the last 5 years. They were SO great! They invited us to stay with them in the missionary home, which we did. Flopped a mattress on the floor in the living room... OK with me! It's better than having grout lines in my face like my "sleeping on tile" experience in Changinola. Bah!


Michelle Fri, 10/13/2006 - 12:15

Oh my goodness... I can´t believe how long its been since I was able to write here. Sorry for not being able to keep in touch very well.... I was really surprised because when we arrived into San Jose, we went straight to the Bethel and it was far away from anything touristy so there are no internet cafes or anything nearby. So far we have had an absolutely FANTASTIC trip. I´m keeping record of everything and will write more details soon.

I'm a Flyin Foo again!

Michelle Fri, 10/06/2006 - 12:51

This crazy obsession with traveling through Central America started last year, April or so of 2006. When Amber, Curtis, Nadja, Shelley, Kyle, Josh, Ashley, Jared and I ventured through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. It was one of the best times of my life! It was fun, adventerous, and the entire time we were surrounded by beautiful brothers and sisters that we met in all the different towns.

Getting Ready

Michelle Tue, 10/03/2006 - 20:05

Getting ready for this trip has been fun.... very stressful... but exciting. Who leaves for a month long trip with only 6 days notice?? hehe.. But that's quite alright. At least I'm going. It's sad too because I feel like I have to say goodbye to everyone... even though I know I'll be back in just 30 days. But I know that everyone wants to see us and wish us a nice trip before we take off, so it's been nice.