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Special Assembly Day - Costa Rica English

Michelle Mon, 10/16/2006 - 16:52

The special assembly day was so nice! We got to meet brothers from the english congregations and groups all over Costa Rica. It was very similar to Mexico's english assemblies in that there is this apparent zeal and excitement for the ministry. Everyone there has a specific goal in mind and they're all just so eager to accomplish their ministry.

It was a very encouraging assembly and we had a speaker from the Costa Rica Bethel branch. A brother named Will Teasdale gave some really GREAT talks. When John, Jeanna, Paola and I left the assembly, we were totally pumped up!

We met people from all over. They invited us to about a dozen different towns and cities in Costa Rica to "check out", because they have a need in English or Spanish territories. We walked away with so many different options, but completely running out of time! The next morning we were leaving for the north of Costa Rica to end up in Nicaragua on Wednesday. There's no way we'd be able to see everything in Costa Rica before Wednesday.... so we've begun to make plans for our trek back down on the way back to San Jose when we leave on the 3rd of November.

Places to Visit: Quepos, La Cruz, Zarcero, San Isidro, Liberia, and Huacas

We left for the Volcano Arenal (an active and erupting Volcano in Costa Rica)... but on the bus ride we ran into a young couple, Nathan and Heather Hahn, that we had met at the convention from a small town called Las Juntas. We weren't going to make the bus to the volcano, so they invited us to come visit them in their home. It was perfect! We got to see where they lived... they were from northern New York and had been serving in Costa Rica as need greaters for almost 2 years. They have a cute 3 bedroom house, full kitchen, living room, garage and they pay $120 a month. They brought us to a little restaurant at the corner near their house .... it was delicious and cheeeap! I got a small dish of ceviche for $1.25, a big ole plate of pasta with chicken for $3.00 and $1 for a big glass of agua de papaya. I was stuffed! The grocery store was cheap too. Heather says that they live for about $400 a month for the both of them including groceries, gas, electricity, rent, and water! Sounds good to me!

After dinner, they took us up to the hot springs near their house. It only cost us $3 to get in (which is significantly cheaper than the $25 admission fee at the volcano town), It was perfect because at night the air was cool, and the water was so HOT! It was neat! Naturally heated water.... there were two pools filled from the hot spring. I stayed in the water till I was wrinkly like from a jacuzzi! BUENO!

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