The New House

chellbellding Tue, 02/05/2008 - 16:16

I've been SOOOO crazy busy here. There's a brother named Lars (from Canada) who will soon be moving to El Crucero. He found a house for rent before I arrived and signed the contract on it.... But the problem turned up when he was accepted for a surgery that he had applied for in Canada. He's supposed to be leaving for Canada the same week (this week) that he was supposed to move in the new house. So, since I still don't have my own place yet, he called me and asked if I would like to live in his house, take care of it while I'm gone, and that will buy me some extra time to keep searching for my own house and in the meantime I can enjoy his excellent furniture. ( comfy sofa, bed, bookshelves, hot water showers, etc..!! ) Sounds like a good deal, right??

Well.... that 'project' has been a bit more than I initially bargained for! It's taken up pretty much every free moment that I've had in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Originally when we went to look at the house, it seemed really cute but I didn't realize that it needed a TON of work. So the first day we went to start the 'project' on the house, Lars brought along some friends and we pretty much RIPPED OUT some of the ceilings and walls. They made this house out of wood which is a really bad idea for El Crucero, being that 6 months out of the year the air is so damp that all the wood pretty much just rots. So when they took down the ceilings and the walls, you can't IMAGINE how much dirt, dust, mold and spiders fell to the floor. It was disgusting.

The cute little house became an enormous project. And being that Lars lives like an hour and change away, he could only come to work on the house on specific days. Then we started running out of time....Lars is leaving on Thursday of this week and the house still isn't finished but I'm supposed to move in! It's getting closer to being done, but I don't want to be working on this project all by myself just to live there for 6 weeks! So to try and get things moving quicker I started going even when he wasn't there. After the walls and the ceilings were reinstalled, I started painting them and trying to just CLEAN the place. YEECHH. What a mess!! Then last Friday night he calls me and he's like "Oh yeah, by the way, I'm bringing the furniture up tomorrow morning." I'm like you're KIDDING me!! It's sooo not ready to have furniture in it yet! So I stayed in the house til 8:30pm on Friday trying to get some more stuff done. Saturday morning 8:30am I head over again... worked until 2pm (til I had my meeting). They brought all the furniture in but because the house was nowhere near ready, we just stuffed it all into the 2nd bedroom until we could finish it and disperse it all to its perspective places.

Sunday I went to a superbowl party!! ( YAY!!! Superbowl in Nicaragua - Fantastico! ) So I didn't work on the house, but this morning I went again. Bought more paint, scrubbed the floors (which still look dirty), scrubbed the bathroom with acid, painted more of the ceiling, cleaned the kitchen, you name it!!! And its STILL not finished! I have white specks of paint in my black hair, my neck is sooo sore from looking UP to paint the ceiling ( which is funny, the Nicaraguans call it 'el cielo' which translated also means "the sky", yeah so I painted the sky today! ) Tomorrow Lars is coming again in the morning, this will be his last trip. He's bringing more friends, and we're supposed to finish the house and basically move me in tomorrow. I don't see it happening. There was STILL so much to be done when I left tonight (at 7 oclock) The trim in both bedrooms needed to be painted, the floor (which i've washed about 18 times) still looks dirty, the second bedroom because it has all the furniture in it, didnt get cleaned at ALL, so it's filthy. *sigh* Oh yeah AND the last time he came up he brought his cute and playful (but big and needy) dog. It occurs to me that he's probably going to leave it... with his house. Oh brother! He's like "OOOHHH yeah... I forgot to tell you that part, can you watch my dog too?" lol I can't believe it. I totally think I got the raw end of this deal. I mean, I live in Crucero so every free moment that I have I've been cleaning and painting his house, I'm going to be watching his dog, going to be paying rent, and getting kicked out in 6 weeks. He gets a house that's going to be spic and span, all settled in for when he comes home, freshly painted and decorated, he's saving on rent for 2 months having moved out of his other house and I'm paying rent in this house, dog taken care of, etc..etc...Wait a second.... I think he had this schemed from the beginning.... I mean, mind you, I do get a real bed to sleep in and a comfy sofa to sit in... but... I just don't know if a sofa is worth it!!! Hmmm... or maybe it is. Lars better watch out! I might be SO comfy that I won't give his house back when he returns. And I would LOVE to see him try to get a Nicaraguan Court Ordered Eviction.... mmoowahahahhahahahahahaha!! YAY FOR MY NEW HOUSE!!!!

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